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Mohs Surgery

Pacific Northwest Dermatology is fortunate to have both Dr .Aaron Pace and Dr. Andrew Pace as board-certified Mohs micrographic skin cancer surgery specialists. They are renowned for their skill, outstanding success rate, and excellent cosmetic results. They operate out of our Lakewood and Tacoma location.

What to Expect From a Mohs Procedure
The highly specialized Mohs micrographic surgery requires a great deal of skill and training.

First, the area around the skin cancer is numbed with a local anesthetic. Then, the surgeon removes only the visible portion of the tumor and bandages the skin. The removed tissue is thoroughly examined under a microscope in the laboratory.

If the examination reveals that the tumor has not been completely removed, the procedure will be repeated, removing only the necessary tissue until no cancer remains.

After the cancer is completely gone, the area is repaired, typically with sutures that are removed one to two weeks after the procedure. 

Benefits of Mohs Over Traditional Excision
While some skin cancer may remain undetected after a traditional excision, a Mohs Skin Cancer surgery specialist can verify that all cancerous tissue is removed before completing the procedure. Mohs micrographic skin cancer surgery is considered the best treatment for many types of skin cancer.

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